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Three Timeless Tips On How To Dress Like A Man

What is it that we admired about our fathers and grandfathers when it came to dress sense? What values did we take from them that, arguably, our ripped jean and mismatched sock wearing society has lost over time?

At Constantino, our business is menswear and our goal is to create a customer experience that makes it simple and easy to get the answers on how to achieve the timeless classic look we value so highly. There are more than a few publications out there shelling out advice on how men should dress today, and we understand it can be a little overwhelming trying to trawl through and make sense of all the information.

So, we thought we’d have a go at doing the hard work for you. We’ve distilled the available data of today while looking to the example of the past and drawing from our own personal experiences in order to come up with three timeless tips on how to dress like a man. And notably, the whole list can be digested in the time it takes to brew your morning coffee…

1. Don’t Imitate Others

Chances are you’re not Lebron James or Daniel Craig (on the off chance you are either of those people though… big fan). You’re an individual with your own personality and a lifestyle to match.

Something might look great on someone else, but be man enough to acknowledge that you may not be able to wear it quite as well. At the same time, recognise that you might have the ability to pull off outfits that others just can’t. Embrace that.

2. Your Outfit Should Be Functional

Do you have an important meeting at work today? Then dress for it. Are you heading out for a date at a classy restaurant? Then dress for that too. Does your profession involve fieldwork and there’s a high likelihood you’ll need to scale a couple of cliffs and wrangle a wild goat on the way to your job site…? You get the picture.

You could be dressed like James Bond, but if your outfit isn’t appropriate for the duty you need to perform, you’re going to look like a fool.

3. Compliments Are Secondary

Some people dress in order to get compliments from people. At Constantino, we put a caveat on the age-old adage. Yes, dress to impress, but not under duress.

Let’s say that, just in the hope you’ll get a compliment, you’re wearing something that’s not really you and kind of makes you uncomfortable. If you do get that compliment, at best you’ve broken even. If you don’t, you’ve taken a loss.

On the other hand, let’s say you tailor your outfit according to what you like and are comfortable in. In this case you’re already ahead, and if you do get that unexpected “killer tie dude”, then that’s simply a bonus.

Remember, never wear something you don’t really like in the hope that everyone around you will like it. You simply can’t impress all of the people all of the time. Afterall, one person’s successful fashion statement is another person’s crime against humanity.

So, ready to man-up?

Our customers may not be wrangling wild goats for a living, but we know that you need quality men’s accessories on a daily basis. We take pride in the fact that we can supply a wide range of attire that meets this need and creates the classic timeless look we’re known for. So, check out our range. We’re confident we have just the right thing for that meeting or that date, and it’s precisely according to your individual taste.

And you know what? Don’t be surprised if you do get a few compliments along the way.