Our Origins

Handsome, Classy, Timeless..

These words remind us of a generation of Europeans migrating to various parts of Australia searching for a better life.
We remember the struggle our families faced when first arriving to Australia and never forget their hard work to support the most important thing - family

Our grandparents taught us to always work hard, dress well wherever we were, be respectful and to always be humble.

Today, we remain grateful for the hard work all our families put in over the years and it makes us proud to provide quality European inspired handmade goods Australia-wide to the country that gave our families opportunity and life.

Our Brand

Constantino aims to bring timeless classic European designs into the contemporary Australian fashion space.


Our passion for excellence has driven us from our launch and into the future as we search for the most impeccable designs in the industry.

We believe class is a mentality, culture and something every man and woman should strive to uphold, as our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did before us.

They are our inspiration. That is our philosophy. This is our story.